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Frequently Asked Questions 


1) Why choose a Private Tour of Phi Phi Island?


2) Which Phi Phi Tour Company is the best?  


3) Will it only be us on the boat?

4) How much does phi phi island tour cost?


      What is the best private tour company in Phi Phi Island?

This question is frequently asked on sites like TripAdvisor, Quora, etc.

We found most the "replies" were links to their company bookings sites


We wish to end this pattern of tour self promotion by providing accurate and valuable information. Allowing you to decide which type of tour and select the package that best fits your travel style. You work hard to afford the time to travel and deserve the ability to research freely.


"The forewarned are the forearmed"- As many friends have helped us along our journey we are here to Pay it Forward. Chatting with other travelers saved us 10x more times than a google search ever has from scams over the years. We hope to provide you this same gift. 


     How do you Book Private Boat Tours of Phi Phi Islands Online? 


There are 2 main options available online for Phi Phi Island Tours:

  1. Charter Speed Boats 

  2. Private Thai Longtail Boats.


     What is the difference between Speed Boat and Thai Longtail Boat? 


The main difference is Pricing and Speed.



  1. Private Speed Boat- Cost up to 35,000 THB (over $1,000 USD) with average price around 25,000 THB ( $800 USD). Base Price for 8 passenger

  2. Private longtail Boat- Starts 4000 THB-10,000 THB ($150 - $350 USD)


  1. Speedboat- 1 hour bumpy rough ride to reach Phi Phi from Phuket / Krabi. 

  2. Longtail- 2 hour by Jet Cruiser with first class couch seats providing a comfortable  ride. Complimentary refreshments / snacks, Enjoy the view on 1 of 5 sundecks.  

      Which private boat option is best for you?


People ask us this a lot.

Honestly it all truly depends on a few factors.


  • What is your boat tour budget ?

  • Where are you starting your trip from?

  •  How many people are in your group?

  • What is your groups overall "travel style"

      Staying on Ko Phi Phi Don?



















If you are staying overnight on Ko Phi Phi Don.


     The best option is almost always by Private Longtail Boat as the price difference of 20,000 THB ($700 USD) adds no value to your day. In actuality the Speed Boat takes away from your Island experience. Longtail Boats are the lifeline of the islands, they are specifically designed to navigate the shallow bays and rocky landscape of Phi Phi Island. Departing from Ko Phi Phi Don it is only about a 15 minute scenic longtail journey to nearby Ko Phi Phi Leh. Once to Ko Phi Phi Leh you will experience the stunning natural beauty of Pileh Lagoon, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, and Viking Cave learning how the Thai of this area climb the bamboo scaffolding to harvest the lucrative birds nest.

Half-Day Tours by Longtail Boat 4 hours choose between 2 tour routes:


  • Head west towards Ko Phi Phi Leh and explore all the famous stops.          Next venture to more secluded places like Wang Long Cave and Pirate Cove. Monkey Beach can be visited either at the beginning or end of your trip.  Snorkel at Shark Point a top stop to see our marine life like Reef Shark . Choose between Long Beach or Loh Moo Dee for a final snorkel or relax.



  • East towards Bamboo Island National Park stopping along the way.   

  • Same #1: Pirate Cove, Loh Moo Dee, Monkey Beach, Snorkel at Shark Point. The different stops are at Relax Bay, Laem Tong Beach, and Nui Bay.           

  • We end the day at either Nui Bay or Bamboo Island depending on crowds.


Full-Day Private Longtail Boat Trips | 7 hours 1 tour route:


  • Includes lunch and combines both Half-Day tour routes. 

  • You will see and discover all that Phi Phi has to offer.

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