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3 Best Islands Around Ko Phi Phi For Island Hopping.


Despite popular belief Phi Phi Island is actually a group of 6 islands that make up what is known as The Phi Phi Archipelago. When most say they are going to Phi Phi you may think there is only one island. The reason this started was that there is only 1 inhabited island with hotels, restaurants, bars, and anything else you might need. Phi Phi Don Island is the main area where everyone will be staying and is known to have a bustling night life. After looking at our "3 Best Islands around Phi Phi" post you will see how each island has it's own unique appeal. Decide which islands to visit around Phi Phi Don or let us customize a personalized Private Long Tail Boat Experience catered to match your every request If you are feeling adventurous spend a full day at sea and explore what makes each island unique.



Koh Yung aka Mosquito island located near Bamboo Island and makes for a great next stop for our Island Hopping Tour. Like the 5 other islands around Phi Phi Don Mosquito Island is uninhabited, and roughly 1,000m long by 150m wide. As we navigate our long tail boat around the island you will find 2 beaches which are infrequently visited. As the name suggests there tends to be a lot of mosquito on and around the beach especially around sunset hours. Not to worry Mosquito is more popular for its vivid marine life and world class snorkeling locations. Directly off the island we will find a few mooring buoys that aid in maintaining the colorful coral reefs. These snorkeling spots are a great opportunity to see black tip reef sharks and many school of tropical fishes. Take in mind this island takes about 45 mins to reach when leaving direct from Tonsai Bay.



Koh Pai in Thai or (Bamboo Island), is the most northern island of the Phi Phi Archipelago. Located approximately 5km right off the north point of Koh Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island is a stunning tropical paradise with a large white sand beach and lush vegetative interior made up of Palm Trees and Casuatinas Tress. We recommend beating the crowds by arriving before the speedboat tours come with tons of tourist. Heart shaped Bamboo Island is about 600m wide x 700m long. The entire outer edge is sand allowing you to hike around the whole island in about 30 minutes. The middle of the island is thick vegetation made up of Bamboo Trees and Casuarinas Trees. There are only a few structures on Bamboo Island like the small snack bar selling beers and snack. Bamboo Island is part of the National Park. The entrance fee is: 400thb per adult and 200thb per child paid in local currency (THB)



Koh Phi Phi Leh or Ko Phi Phi Lee as some call it, is just a short 20 min long tail boat ride from Tonsai Pier. When making a half day tour we will focus most of the tour stops around this island. This allows you have the opportunity to see and do more during your 4 hour Phi Phi Private Tour. Firstly we will pass by The Viking Cave, while this cave is not accessible for tourists we will still slow down the boat so you can get a closer look at what goes on inside. The Viking Cave is said to have been used as shelter by sailors stuck at sea during heavy storms. Today it is used as a home base for the lucrative local "bird's nests" business. Local Thai come here at night climbing the bamboo rafters to collect bird's nest.



Phileh Bay or Phileh Lagoon as most call it is located just on the opposite sides of Maya Bay. Phileh Lagoon is one of our top customer pleasers, with its 100m plus vertical limestone cliffs that seem to jut up all around you. One of our recent customers described it as "it's like being in Jurassic Park" and we can't really argue with that. Next we will navigate our long tail boat into Loh Sama Bay which holds a secret back entrance to Maya Bay accessible by climbing the pirate ship rope ladder to the top of the platform. Sama Bay boasts a beutiful array of marine life and coral reefs, here you will find the top snorkeling of Phi Leh Island. Please be careful as the water can be shallow especially during low tide.



Made famous by the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Maya Bay boasts a stunning panoramic landscape with 100m tall limestone cliffs creating the quintessential "perfect beach". Today it has become top promoted tour around the Phi Phi Islands, with this comes large crowds. We recommend to book a morning tour and get to Maya Bay before all the day trip speedboat and big boat tours descend into the bay. Maya Bay is part of the National Park, If you visit both Bamboo Island and Maya Bay on same day. You will only pay National Park Fee once: 400thb per adult. Walking through the middle of the island to enjoy a different perspective overlooking beautiful Loh Sama Bay.

** Maya Bay Will Be Closed For Island Rehabilitation June 01 - September 29**

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