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Pileh Lagoon or Phileh Bay? Ko Phi Phi Leh's most overlooked places.

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Ao Phileh in Thai translates to Phileh Bay but it is also known as Pileh Lagoon. This iconic bay is located next to its sister bay the more famous Maya Bay. Pileh Lagoon however is not to be overlooked; consisting of a massive oval shaped bay with turquoise water surrounded by 100m high limestone cliffs. Visitors to this area consistently rate Pileh Bay as one of the top sightseeing stops of the Phi Phi Islands. The landscape provide a stunning backdrop making it a great opportunity to capture those iconic photos you see everywhere on social media.

Pileh Lagoon, Phileh Bay, Ko Phi Phi Leh, Longtail Boat

Most tours visiting Ko Phi Phi Leh focus on Maya Bay which in recent years has became overrun with tourist crowds. You will not want to put your camera down as you make your way around the interior of Phileh Bay. However, Pileh Lagoon offers more then just a quick photo shoot it's also a great place to snorkel or swim. If you are on a private tour by longtail boat there's a small white sand beach. Notify your captain to park allowing you more freedom to relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

If the stunning views, private beach, turquoise water, and vibrant marine life weren't enough for you. Get a kayak and explore the lagoon from a different perspective You may be surprised to find a few nooks and crannies to navigate! We highly recommend adding Pileh Lagoon to your must-see list while on holiday to Phuket or Phi Phi Don Island.


Pileh Lagoon Photo Gallery

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